Using StreamText with Google Hangouts

You have two options the first is to use our Google Hangout application. Click here to start a hangout with the application installed. Each viewer will just need to enter the event name for the StreamText event and the realtime will stream into the right hand margin of the hangout.


The second option is to use the Google Hangout Captions App that is provided by Google. We helped develop this with Google. This option does not require you to pre schedule an event in StreamText. The App actually will walk you though the scheduling process. Please see the instructions below.


How to use Hangout Captions with StreamText.Net

  1. First you will need a StreamText.Net account. If you do  not have one you will need to set one up here .

  2. Now if you you will need to install the connector application for your realtime. The instructions are outlined here .

  3. Next you are ready to go and provide realtime captions into your Google Hangout. Just start the connector and your captioning platform.

  4. Log into the Hangout session and load the Google Hangout Captions  application. (Make sure your browser has the popup blocker deactivated.

  5. Click on the settings icon and select StreamText from the drop down
  6. Enter your StreamText user account details in the hangout and start your session. The Hangout Captions application will automatically schedule the event in StreamText and you will see your realtime appear in the Hangout.

If you need any help please call 608-234-4759 or email


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