Installing the StreamText.Net Connector

The StreamText.Net connector is a free application that is used to securely deliver realtime captions to the StreamText.Net servers. Below are the steps for installing the connector and configuring court reporter software.

  1. First download the connector setup file from .
  2. Now run the connector setup.exe file
  3. You will then be promoted for the install wizard. Just click on "Next"
  4. You will be asked to create a StreamText start menu folder. Normally you will just use the default "StreamText Connector". Click Next.

  5. Make a StreamText Connect shortcut on your desktop. Make sure to select the check box to create the short cut for the StreamText Connector on your desktop.
  6. Now start install.
  7. Install has completed. Click Finish. Now you will be prompted to enter your connection details into the connector.
  8. Connection Settings - Enter your email address and password for your StreamText.Net account. The environment should be set to Live. Just Click on Sign--n
    and the connector will start up
  9. Configure connector to "listen" on a com port for output from your reporting/writing software. First select "Com port" from the writing source drop down.
  10. Next select a com port for the connector to connect with your writing software.
  11. Click the "Connect and Write" button. The display will change to this. Notice the "Connect and Write" button is now "Disconnect and Stop". There are also some indicators that let you know the status of your connection. The Latency is a number used to see how long it takes to send a charter through StreamText. This should be a number around .08 but can range from 1.2 to .020 depending on your internet connection. If it is about 1.2 please contact StreamText.Net support. Bytes Sent will also let you know that data is flowing and shows how much data has been sent to our servers.
  12. Configure your reporting/transcription software to output CaseView to the com port number listed on the connector. In this case it would be com port 20.
  13. Make sure that the CaseView output has timestamps enables for "Clock" or "Actual" time for each line. For Case Catalyst you will need to select the timestamp check box on the CaseView output Tab when you assign the com port.
  14. Start a realtime file with the CaseView output enabled and you should see COM Port Connected go to TRUE.
  15. Once you have a "TRUE" and "TRUE" connection your realtime is being sent to out servers. You can now minimize the connector and write into your file. When your event is complete just close the connector.
  16. For a new job just make sure to follow the three steps below
    1. Start the StreamText Connector (The icon on your desktop with the globe and the plug)
    2. Click "Connect and Write" (The connector will remember all your settings)
    3. Start your realtime file outputting CaseView on the com port listed on the StreamText Connector
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