Providing Captions for YouTube Live events

Captioning into YouTube Live is easy with Streamtext.Net. The setup is just like any other event except you will go to the Cart/Captioning tab under schedule event and select YouTube Live. There you will also add in the YouTube Caption URL which is usually a very long URL. It is not the same URL you will use to watch the YouTube Video. Your customers or the YouTube account holder will provide this to you.

In the screenshot below you can see the location where you configure the connection.


How to setup a writer:

The main challenge with using the YouTube Caption interface is getting the output to look decent. The main issue is YouTube Captions does not support deletes.

1. Have the writer Delay their captions.

This requires the caption provider to make sure they are sending the captions in there final format. Many writing software platforms allow you to delay the output of the captions. This will allow all of the translations and any editing to be completed before it is sent to StreamText. Usually you will need to delay the captions from the writing software at least 5  seconds if not more.  This is in there software and not the delay you can schedule in a streamtext event.

2. Make sure you are having the caption provider listen to live audio, not the audio through the YouTube video.

There is a significant delay of at least 15 seconds built into YouTube. This means that in order to get your captions to align with the video you will not be able to listen to the video through YouTube. If you do that your captions will be far behind the video. By using the live audio you should be close but you may also need to add some delay in the StreamText event. You will need to run a test to get this aligned correctly.


These are the two main issues and we do recommend setting up a test session with your customer to get the proper delay set as well.

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