New Adobe Connect 11.2 StreamText Caption Instructions

We are excited to announce the release of the new Adobe Connect closed captioning feature. This is a word for word caption player that allows the user to drag the captioning window anywhere in the connect meeting. The output will mirror your streamtext output and not require any special adjustments. 

Note: the original CC  pods should still work if you use the application to open Adobe Connect. However we are not sure how long that will be supported.

With the latest release Adobe 11.2  has created a new interface for captioning their meeting rooms. You no longer need to load a separate CC pod. The  interface just requires a token and the adobe meeting URL. Note this method only works with the HTML/Browser based Adobe Connect room. 


  1. The first step is to retrieve the token from the Adobe Meeting. 
    1. In the Adobe Connect meeting go to preferences.
    2. Now select Closed Captions from preferences menu and check off Enable Closed Captions and select StreamText as the caption provider. The caption title can be any value you want. It is a display name.
    3. Copy the token. Go to the CC menu and select copy StreamText API token.
    4. Now you need to create the correct ingestion  URL from the copied token. This part has not been automated yet so you will need to create the link manually.  The next release this link will be available to copy  directly from Adobe Connect. So for now you will need to create the URL with the format below.  The meeting room URL is the first part  of the link you were sent to join room.

      The realtime link format for StreamText is:
      Note: The base meeting room URL ends in do not include anything after the .com they just need to have the meeting room bae URL.
      https://<YouMeetingRoomBaseURL>/service/ccsvc?token=<token copied from Adobe>

      Meeting room invite URL :
      The meeting room URL is . Notice nothing after .com we did not include /streamtextdemo/
      The Token copied is sgvur4ac5b8zepbrzof6xvcbigp6mo

      The realtime URL to enter into StreamText is:

    5. Paste that URL in the realtime ingestion URL on the CART/Captioning Tab or from the event control under "change settings"
    6. Create or update the StreamText event settings and the text will start streaming word for word into the Adobe Connect CC feature. This can be selected as needed by the user by clicking on the CC button in the main adobe meeting menu and selecting show captions.
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