StreamText ASR pricing

The base price for using the StreamText automatic captions is $ .25/min or $15/hr.

This includes:

  • Audio connection needed for inbound audio connection 
    • Can be on of the following SIP,Browser/WebRTC, or direct dial connection
    • Each Additional audio connections are charged at .02 a min. (normally you will only need one)
  • ASR text generation

ASR usage is not refundable except in rare exceptions and we do not offer free on boarding for ASR usage if you need a demonstration please contact us. If your ASR credit is approved you will be charged 30% of the ASR minutes used and credited for all of the streaming Minutes.

Note: This does  not include your streaming  fees! This is just for the text generation, You will also be charged the normal per min streaming fee's. The specific cutoff volumes are at the bottom of . Your invoice will show the total number of minutes used for streaming and a separate line item for the number of ASR minutes used. 









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