How to use automatic captions in StreamText

StreamText now has the ability to create captions directly from an audio source. It is very easy to use and allows you to have a backup option when a human captioner is not an option. This is machine generated captioning and not a claim that this caption service is ADA compliant and we make no claims that it is.

Pricing for ASR is listed here.

Note: Make sure to stop your events or cancel events you are not going to use. ASR usage is not refundable except in rare exceptions. 


Steps to setup a auto captioning event in StreamText

  1. Log into your  account on StreamText. You will need to have  your account activated to use the automatic caption feature. 
  2. Schedule event
    1. From the Dashboard view click on Schedule event.
    2. Enter an event name. This is the id that will be part of your caption URL.
    3. Set the writer to "ASR Writer". If that is not available you will need to contact StreamText and have us enable your account. 
    4. Set the start time if needed and the duration for the time you want the event to be active. You can always stop the event early when you are done.
    5. Glossaries - This is a new update to help tune the captions to specific terms. To create a glossary just go to the glossary menu option. Click on add in the upper right hand coroner and enter the selected terms. You can create multiple glossaries. Once created you will be able to select them from the glossary drop down. 
    6. ASR Language - You can use this feature to set the source language to one of 19 options. 
    7. Select audio connection type.
      1. Set Audio Options
        1. With the ASR writer you have to select one audio connection option from the three listed above. You get one connection included but if you want to conference in more than one audio source additional charges apply. Here is an overview in detail for all the audio options and using them
  3. Schedule the event using the create button at the bottom of the page - Once you have the audio settings and the ASR writer assigned you can schedule your StreamText event. 
  4. Connect the audio. 
    1. Depending on what you selected for the audio settings you will now need to connect the audio. Again here are the details for each option .
  5. Click on Watch . To see your auto generated  captions click on the watch link  from the Dashboard view. Below the watch link is below the  event name on the Dashboard view. 
  6. When you are done using the event click on Stop from the Dashboard  view. This will stop the billing  cycle and end  the event. The stop link is next  to the event control. 





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