Common Questions and Tasks

This is meant to be an inventory of links and descriptions to tasks that users need to perform from time to time. Please suggest additions or modifications to make this list more useful.

Note: Most of the links in this document are deep links. That means that you'll need to sign in first and then you'll be taken directly to the place the link is referring to.

I need to change my name, email address, or time zone

I need to change who receives the invoices for my company

Note: The person you want the emails to go to needs to exist as a staff member. If you do not see the person on the list, add them using this form.


I need a PDF copy of my invoice

When you click on the "Review and pay" button on the invoice email, the resulting page has a link to view/download/print the invoice. Here is an example



I want to view a list of my invoices

I want to view and/or export the list of events on my invoice

Click on the "View Events" or "Export Events" link in the "Actions" column for the appropriate month.


I have multiple user accounts and want to combine them into a single account

Detailed instructions


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