How to use StreamText with Microsoft Teams

Now you can deliver captions directly into Microsoft teams. You will  use  the  realtime ingestion option  to  connect.

First you will need to enable CART on teams. Here  are the instructions


  1. Normal setup for your  StreamText event except for setting the Realtime Ingestion settings  on the CART/Captioning tab when  you schedule the event.
  2. MS Teams CC token -  You will need to have the meeting host provide you will the MS teams CC token. Here is an example of what that will look like: (Please do not use it will not work just an example)
  3. Realtime Ingestion section on the CART/Captioning Tab. You can also access this on a live event using the Event Control -> Change Settings.  Below are the recommended settings for that section.
    1. Caption URL - The copied MS Teams CC token
    2. Correction Buffer - MS Teams does not support updates so the captions need to be complete before they are sent out similar to Zoom.  We  recomend 3 seconds  however your caption software may have a delay feature so you may be able to adjust this down.
    3. Check Send Complete lines
    4. LIne Length - Set to 50

      Screenshot of Realtime Ingestion Settings

  4. Once the event is live or you update the setting on the Event Control the event will publish to the MS Teams Room. Note you need to have at least one participant watching CC for the feature to be enabled. 
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